The Business of AVAX

AVAX Technologies, Inc. (“AVAX” or “Company”, USOTC: AVXT) is a pioneer in individualized autologous cancer therapies. It is a Philadelphia-based integrated bio-technology company focused on developing and commercializing its Autologous Cell (AC) Vaccine Technology Platform for the treatment of cancer. The AC Vaccine is a platform technology which allows a patient’s immune system to recognize its own cancer cells as foreign through the process of haptenization, proprietary cell processing and regimen of administration. The AC Vaccine has the potential to be utilized in the development of individualized vaccines across a broad array of solid tumor and blood born cancers.

Vaccines are a unique class of pharmaceutical products that can either be preventative or therapeutic. AVAX’s cancer vaccines are designed to be therapeutic. Although subject to the same United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) regulations as other biological products, vaccines are inherently more difficult to develop, characterize, and manufacture than most pharmaceutical products. Vaccine development and commercialization is a long complex process. Stringent regulatory pre-requisites must be achieved throughout development for a vaccine to be considered for licensure.

AVAX has developed and received FDA approval for its production process and vaccine administration regimen. AVAX is a leader in terms of stage of development and commercial readiness in the immuno-oncology arena. Today, AVAX boasts a 10,000 sq.ft. GMP approved facility and represents one of the very few autologous vaccine FDA approved production facilities in the world.

Some parts of our production facility